Refereed Articles

«Η εκμετάλλευση της κοσμικής μυθιστορίας από τα αγιολογικά κείμενα.  Η περίπτωση του Αλεξίου του ανθρώπου του Θεού»,

in Λόγου Κάριν.  Ένας τιμητικός τὀμος για την Κάριν Boklund-Λαγοπούλου, edited by Kostas Yiavis, Thessaloniki: Επίκεντρο, 2019, pp. 31-49. [Read it here]

“The Categories of 'Originals' and 'Adaptations' in Late Byzantine Romance: A Reassessment”,

in Reading the Late Byzantine Romance: A Handbook, edited by Adam Goldwyn and Ingela Nilsson, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019, pp. 19-39. [Read it here]

«Ερωτόκριτος και Aretusa»,

in Ερωτόκριτος, νέες προοπτικές, edited by Σωτηρία Σταυρακοπούλου, Τασούλα Μαρκομιχελάκη and Τ. Καπλάνης, Thessaloniki: Γράφημα, 2017, pp. 173-90. [Read it here]

“The Greek Erotokritos and the Italian Aretusa : Open-ended texts in Renaissance literature, and Kornaros's creative conservatism”.

Rivista di letteratura comparata italiana, bizantina e neoellenica 1 (2017): pp. 23-34. [Read it here]

«Ο Κρητικός Πόλεμος στη συλλογική φαντασία της Δύσης»,

in Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress of Cretan Studies, edited by Alexis Kalokairinos, [Read it here]

«Στρατηγικές και στόχοι στην έκδοση της πρώιμης νεοελληνικής λογοτεχνίας.  Ένα παράδειγμα»,

in Πρακτικά  της Ημερίδας ‘Η εκδοτική των κειμένων της νεοελληνικής γραμματείας’, edited by Αγγελική Λούδη, Thessaloniki: Ινστιτούτο Νεοελληνικών Σπουδών, Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης, 2016, pp. 39-51. [Read it here]

“The Adaptations of Western Sources by Byzantine Vernacular Romances”,

in Fictional Storytelling in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond, edited by Carolina Cupane and Bettina Krönung, Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2016, pp. 127-55. [Read it here]

“Persian Chronicles, Greek Romances: The Haft Paykar and Velthandros”,

in A Festschrift for David W. Holton, edited by  E.  Camatsos, T. Kaplanis και J. Pye, Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scolars Publishing, 2014, pp. 23-45. [Read it here]

“The Topos of Attack on Courtly Banquets”. 

Σύγκριση/Comparaison 23 (2012), pp. 5-42. [Read it here]

“Interdependence of Text and Manuscript in the Sixteenth Century”,

in Πρώιμη νεοελληνικὴ δημώδης γραμματεία.  Γλώσσα, παράδοση καὶ ποιητική [Neograeca medii aevi, 6], edited by G.K. Mavromatis and N. Agiotis.
Heraklion: Vikelaia, 2012, pp. 197-214. [Read it here]

“English Influence on Greek Literature”,

in Literary Dictionary. Athens: Patakis, 2007, pp. 1368-73 [in Greek]. [Read it here]

Entries on Dawkins, Papastavrou, George Thompson.

Ibid., pp. 463; 2434; 2170-1. [Read it here]

“So Near Yet So Far: Medieval Courtly Romance and Imberios and Margarona”.

Byzantinische Zeitschrift 99:1 (2006): pp. 195-217. [Read it here]

“Finding Imberios and Margarona: An Inventory of Extant Editions”.

Hellenika 56:2 (2006): pp. 321-45. [Read it here]

“Chaucer and the Death of the Father as a Figure of Authority”.

Gramma: Journal of Theory and Criticism 9 (2001): pp. 13-29. [Read it here]

“Life-giving Waters and the Waters of the Cephise: Fairie Queene I, XI, 29-30”.

Classical and Modern Literature 19 (1998): pp. 77-82. [Read it here]