Research Interests

Dr Yiavis's research is principally focused on Greek and European cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present. He places special emphasis on the powerful reciprocity of Greek literature with the West and the East, and within the Mediterranean.

He is also curious about the continuity of cultural disciplines and the “master moments” of revolutionary change, such as the emergence into Modernity.  He is strongly interested in the capacity of the Humanities to analyze the vast complexity that constitutes the modern world.

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE He also views literature as part of the living extension of the tradition of shared human experience in an intensely interconnected world

Current Research

  1. A book on the Byzantine poet Stephanos Sachlikis.
  2. An edition of Kostis Palamas, part of the new standard series designed by Palamas Foundation (Athens).
  3. “The emergence into modernity and vernacular Greek literature”The book wishes to generate the critical vocabulary to understand the end of the Byzantine cultural impact and the launching of Greek modernity.
  4. “Bilinguality in modern Greek novelists” (article)